Wanderway's Lifecycle Welcoming change, accepting future obsolescence

Since developing Wanderway in 2016, we’ve seen social media silos during the U.S. presidential election, social media burnout amid news of Russian election interference, and the repeal of net neutrality. These events are a snapshot of how dramatically and quickly digital engagement practices can shift. Acknowledging this, we decided to give Wanderway a time-limited window before closing the course. 

In 2018, we updated the website both technically and for content. At that time, it was our intention to let Wanderway’s lifecycle come to a close. However, with the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak and the drastic changes to the way the world works, we have decided to update Wanderway and keep it viable through at least the end of 2020.

We hope Wanderway provides support, insights, and tools that are useful to you as you begin or continue your digital engagement work. We believe strongly that the voices of creatives are needed now more than ever.

After 2020, we will assess whether to build a new course that responds to the context of that time. Stay tuned! And, feel free to email us at info@8bridgesworkshop.com to let us know how this course can be updated, strengthened, and enhanced.