Wanderway Workshops Experience Wanderway in Person

The Wanderway website was envisioned and created to be an entirely online course, but in 2017, we were given the chance to facilitate the course in person through funding from the Minnesota State Arts Board.

We conducted five day-long digital engagement workshops around Minnesota based on Wanderway. As part of workshop planning, we created a physical workbook with Wanderway exercises, and developed a Powerpoint presentation to guide the day’s program.

In the spirit of sharing all things Wanderway with you, these materials are available for review and download. Please feel free to use them to create curricula for yourself or teams of people you work with. We’d appreciate your crediting the course sponsor, the Wyncote Foundation.

And, your feedback means a lot to us, so we’d appreciate hearing from you!

Feedback From Our Participants

“In the workshop I learned to focus on narrative and storyline in all our communication.”

“I didn’t really think about ways of planning for social media before this or that you could stockpile ideas.”

“This workshop will help us be more thoughtful about using social media to reach and realize other organizational goals.”

“Finding your voice: Wow I needed that exercise!”

“I was thinking too narrowly prior to today’s workshop.”

“What I take away is to always think back to purpose. Why are we doing this.”

“I learned that media engagement is “real” communication and can be both substantive and fun.”

“My takeaway is that social engagement should be purposeful that I hope will now be more rewarding and less stressful.”

“I’m inspired to do more.”

Minnesota workshops were made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.